About Tobi Lopez Taylor

Tobi Taylor

Tobi with her mare Brusally Panatela

I am the award-winning author of three books: Orzel: Scottsdale's Arabian Horse Racing Legend; The Polish and Russian Arabians of Ed Tweed's Brusally Ranch; and Layers of History (as coauthor). In addition, my nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have been published in national and regional magazines, scholarly journals, literary publications, and anthologies. I have also served as the editor of three periodicals: American Indian Art Magazine; KIVA: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History; and Archaeology Southwest Magazine. I have extensive experience editing nonfiction, including articles, books, theses, and dissertations. I especially enjoy translating academic ideas into clear, accurate prose that is accessible and interesting to the public. My areas of expertise include American history, Native American art, Southwestern anthropology and archaeology, and equine/equestrian topics, particularly the history of Arabians and Thoroughbreds in the United States.